This was my second time for Dentures with Stephen, found him to be very courteous, and knowledgeable. He was very quick access and I am so pleased . Quick visits and new teeth in 3 weeks.

After years of suffering with tooth issues, I finally got the perfect solution. Dr Crowley, oral surgeon removed my teeth, Steve Aiken made the dentures. Having had 2 implants to hold the bottom dentures in place, I wish I had this done when I was a teenager! Dentures are secure and I can eat anything. Best of all NO pain. Perfect fit. Great friendly service. Sooo happy.

Response from the owner8 months ago
Aww.. I'm blushing. Cheryl, you have been a pleasure to work with since we met ** years ago. I won't tell if you don't;)

Awesome, he is very friendly, witty and enjoyable while the job is getting done. Great job. Thanks so much, will definitely tell other people about him.

Awesome experience, would highly recommend Steve. He is very professional, was a pleasure to deal with and the dentures are a great fit plus they look amazing. They look like they are my original teeth! I would definitly use him again.

My Grandmother recently went in to have her dentures adjusted after a uncomfortable couple of months due to her upper dentures. This is what she wanted to say!

"After suffering with a loose, ill fitting upper denture for a long time, I was sure I needed a replacement. I was impressed by Stephen's Accura Denture Clinic website and decided to call him to see how he could help me.
The adjustments he made to my dentures are perfect. I now eat without pain. His excellent work has other benefits as well; I was told I do not need new dentures, not even a reline!
Thank you Stephen for your expertise, kindness, honesty, and professionalism. I regret not seeing Stephen first for my denture needs!"

Hi Curtis
Thank your Grandmother for the wonderful review, and thank you for helping her do it. My grandkids are trying to teach me all about iphones and ipads so I'm sure she is grateful.

Great denturist very friendly and helpful made for a great experience for my first time getting dentures . He was very informative and patient with all my questions , been back for alterations to help with the fit and he is always good about listening to what I need . Would recommend him to anyone he does a great job .