Semi-Precision Dentures

Semi-Precision Dentures: $1835.00 and up per arch (2024)

Semi-precision dentures are very popular. They combine some of the most preferred qualities from both the standard and precision dentures. The most notable are  the tooth quality and the denture base processing. In addition to these improvements, more measurements are recorded and used on the articulator to begin to customise the function and appearance to each individual client.

The tooth quality is top-of-the-line and they come from the same manufacturers as those used on our standard dentures, but there are differences. The acrylic used to make them is more dense, there are more layers and more colours in the tooth body,which makes them look very natural.  There are more shades and molds available at this quality level so your denture can be more individualised. I will do extra work to carve the denture base to look more like natural gums as well as set the teeth up symmetrical but varied. This means I may twist the same tooth on both sides during set up so the denture appears lifelike.
I will also record more jaw positions so that I can program the articulator to more closely mimic your individual movements. This reduces sore spots and adjustments and helps to make your dentures work smoothly.
A very important addition to your semi-precision dentures is the change in processing. Our production protocol includes SR-Ivocap injection molding for all our new semi-precision dentures.The material used for the denture base is Ivoclar High Impact injected acrylic that has additives in it which  help it to withstand damage. I have been using this acrylic for over ten years and I am very impressed with the strength, flexibility, durability and colour fastness. For you this means durability, flexibility, beauty and excellent fit, everything you want in a quality denture.
Pros Cons
Mid-range price
More expensive
Last 7-10 yearsMore appointments
Looks more lifelike (Avoid "The denture look" 
Excellent fit and function 
Fewer adjustments (1-4) 
One year warranty 
Finish options available