Standard Dentures

Standard Dentures: $1555.00 and up per arch (2024)

Standard Dentures are an excellent choice for the value conscious denture wearer. The quality of the teeth is the same as I use in all my dentures. They are multi layered, multi shaded, polymer teeth that are made of an acrylic that is woven at the molecular level to improve the wear and damage resistance. The brand I use is Dentsply Portrait IPN teeth. The manufacturer suggests that the life span of these teeth can be up to five years. In my 29 years of experience the average age of a denture being replaced is 17 years, way too long but your dentures should last about 10 years with proper maintenance. These teeth look natural and function well.

Our production protocol includes microwave press-pack molding with Denplus Hi-wave acrylics. This is a High-Impact resistant, colourast, denture base that is flexible enough to withstand the stresses of everyday use.

The standard denture is constructed on a machine using average settings for the various angles and distances instead of recording this data and customising the equipment for each individual.

Pros Cons
Lower costShorter life cycle
Smooth denture base (Easy cleaning)More repairs
 One colour denture base
More post insertion adjustments needed
 90 day warranty