Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs Start at $165 and up

If you have had an accident with your dentures they can be fixed quickly. Just stop by our office in Parksville and your repaired dentures will be ready for pickup usually in an hour or so.

Dentures can be broken by accidental dropping or plastic fatigue. Much like metal, plastics are damaged when they flex because this creates repeated micro-fractures. Like a coat hanger that will eventually weaken and break so will your dentures. You may not be aware of your denture even moving much less flexing but it happens with every bite. The best way to reduce the possibility of a fracture is to have your denture refitted every two to three years. A better fit results in less flexing and breakage. A tooth popping off is caused by the same type of repeated pressure, but in this case it is the bond between the tooth and the denture base that weakens and gives way. It is not the banana you just ate that took out your tooth but the nuts you love to nibble on often. My weakness is popcorn and I have to watch out for the unpopped kernels too.