Denture finish options

Denture finish options 

Your dentures can be finished very simply or very complex. The difference is the level of realism incorporated into your denture.

A simple denture is smoother and the denture base is  all one colour, an industry standard pink.

A complex finish has different colours in the denture base that mimic the look of natural mucosal tissues. Extra time is also spent on contouring the mucosa so that it looks realistic.Both dentures are injection molded using the Ivocap injection and use Portrait teeth by Dentsply.

The simple denture which is smoother, is easier for you to clean and in the event of a fracture the repair acrylic will be the same standard pink as the original base.

The complex denture is carved and then stained and/or painted with acrylic dyes. This material bonds to your denture base and becomes part of it. The downside is that if a repair is needed the repair acrylic may not be the same colour as the coloured acrylic. They are also harder to keep clean because of the irregularities.

99% of people do not show their gums when they smile so few people will see whether your denture base is natural looking or not.

A good compromise is to carve but not stain the denture base.The reason I do not carve and stain the denture base all the time is simply to make cleaning easier for the majority of my clients who have dexterity issues. The carving and dying of the denture base takes an extra 1-2 hours and there is a $300.00 charge for that work. If carving only is done the charge is $150.00


Please let me know your preference at the last wax try-in appointment