Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Starting at $3,420.00 per arch plus parts (2024)

There are so many different styles of implants that quoting a set price is impractical. We would be more accurate if an appointment for a complimentary consultation was arranged and then we could discuss the different systems available

Before you get implants do your homework (or Googlework :)

The advice I am going to give here is only anecdotal but it is based on 20 years of dealing with good bad and ugly implants, weeks and years after they were placed. Talk to a qualified Prosthodontist, Periodontist, or dentist. Like many other health sciences dentistry is becoming so complex and the knowledge base so large that special branches have developed that focus in various areas. The specialist in this area is either a prosthodontist or a periodontist both trained extra years to be proficient in their special fields which includes implants. Dentists have years of training in lots of fields of oral health and many have taken extra post doctrinal training in implants. All of them can successfully place implants for you.

Somehow, either accident, poor diet, poor oral hygiene and limited treatment availability contributed to your tooth loss. Back in the 30s' and 40s' dentistry was very different and the loss of teeth was considered inevitable. Many of these circumstances were just part of our upbringing.

If you don't brush your gums and clean your dentures daily don't jump into implants. The most common reason for the loss of implants is poor oral hygiene. Implantitis is the infection of tissue around implants. It can sometimes be treated with antibiotics. There may be little or no pain involved before an implant comes out still attached to your denture.

Develop the gum brushing habit before you invest 10 to 50 thousand dollars. It will help your implants last many years. See the dental professional of your choice two to three times per year for cleaning.

Oh and quit smoking. Smoking introduces so many toxins and dirt into your system that infection is far more likely.

Implants need to be treated kindly. Don't use them without your dentures (I had a client flatten the retaining balls on a  brand new implant, they had to be replaced) and don't over stress them too early. They also need to be well maintained regularly, nylon or silicone parts wear out in three to six months and need to be replaced. The denture also needs to be relined just as it would have before, about every two years.

I prefer implant dentures that you can remove yourself so that you can continue good oral hygiene. They can be just as successful as secured unitized bar systems. Bonus... they cost less.

Google "dental implants" and you will find lots of information.