Precision Dentures

Precision Dentures: $2115.00 and up per arch (2024)

The Precision Denture from Accura Denture Clinic is a premium denture made using top quality materials and state of the art techniques and something available nowhere else, my thirty years of experience and artistic talent. The result is an exceptional precision denture that is superior in every way to a standard denture.

I have custom picked the materials and methods that I use to create my Precision Denture. Quality dentures encompasses artistic ability and the interpretation and inclusion of an individuals’ personality in each denture. I view each denture as a commissioned work of art that is going to a private collector, you.
An articulator is a machine that simulates the movements of the human jaw. The workhorse of our clinic is the Kavo evo 9 articulator, which is made in Germany. This articulator is more adjustable and therefore more customizable than any other articulator I have used. It is durable, elegant and accurate, perfectly suited to help deliver the precise requirements of todays’ discriminating denture wearer.
Our impression materials and techniques are the most dependable in the industry. We always use preliminary and final impressions to ensure great accuracy at this stage; the final product depends on it.

The skeletal records that are required for our Precision Denture are more detailed than those for standard dentures. We require centric, protrusive and lateral registrations. We also use a mechanical unit called a facebow to record where your upper jaw is in relation to your jaw joint.

We consider the teeth we use “the best” in the profession, others have thought so for decades. We use Dentsply Portrait or Genios teeth to give you the most realistic long lasting smile we can. The shapes and colour variations of each of these teeth has been taken from natural examples to make your denture undetectable.

It is not just the teeth that must look realistic but the denture base as well. Why spend thousands of dollars on great looking teeth if the denture base or “gums” look unnatural because they are all one colour? Our Precision Denture simulates the natural contours and colour variations of the tissue using new plastic/glass compounds. These compounds are permanently bonded to the denture base so there is no fade or wear. As a bonus, these plastic and glass compounds are harder than the original denture base making the surface more scratch resistant.

Our processing is done with a plastic injection system from Ivoclar, it is the most accurate available on the market today with twice the pressure of the nearest competitor.

The best quality demands more time and labour. Our Precision Denture requires a minimum of three hours more of my time and one or two additional appointments to the office than a standard denture.

 Any Precision Denture can be converted to an implant-supported denture as long as the teeth are in good condition. Implant-supported dentures significantly improve overall health through better diet. The Implant Supported Precision Denture is not just a denture it is an investment in your good health.

All of these choices add up to produce a stronger, longer lasting more realistic denture. You can expect to get up to ten years of service from a Precision Denture with proper maintenance. Many people hope their dentures will last a long time; our Precision Denture is built for extended use and is designed to give you years of pain free service. The cost is less than a cup of quality coffee per day; your health and self-esteem are worth that much and more! Call the Accura Denture Clinic office to reserve a complimentary consultation today,(250)586-0443 

Pros Cons
Top-range price
More expensive
Last 7-10 yearsMore appointments
Looks more lifelike (Avoid "The denture look" 
Excellent fit and function 
Fewer adjustments (1-4) 
One year warranty 
Finish options available 
More anatomical measurements taken